Welcome to the Austin Coaching Coalition – Connecting to the Why

It happened at a Starbucks. The one on Anderson Lane, off Mopac. I met Anita Lane for coffee, from a virtual email introduction via a networking group friend. We talked coaching – what we loved about it. Anita was very connected to her Why… “we positively impact people’s lives.”
She said after 5 years, it was still a thrill, and a sincere privilege to be a coach. I felt the same way – but asked her… how do you get clients? What marketing tips can you share? We talked about how to get even more Austin folks exposed to the many benefits of coaching. Over the next half hour the Austin Coaching Coalition was born.

Doing unto other coaches what we would like to have done for our own coaching practices – marketing and sales support, plug & play workshops, a speakers bureau for coaches, and more business practice tips and support, as well as a free way for people to “try coaching”.

Conversations followed with many coaches in the coming months, Business Coaches, Life coaches, Sales Coaches, Fitness and Wellness Coaches, Spiritual Healing Coaches and more – the whole gamut. What did they feel was missing in their coaching practice? How did they attract new clients?

We sponsored free speed coaching clinics, meeting folks in coworking spaces and coffee shops to learn what they knew about coaching (not too much) and to learn if a quick, free coaching session could make a difference (you betcha!). Then came a few focus groups until we felt we had dialed in our dual constituencies: coaches and their clients.

In the popular book by Simon Sinek, Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action, Sinek says “discovering my own WHY restored my passion to a degree multiple times greater than at any other time in my life. It was such a simple, powerful, and actionable idea, that I shared it with my friends. That’s what we do when we find something of value; we share it with the people we love. Inspired, my friends started making big life changes. In turn, they invited me to share this idea with their friends, the people they loved.”

Coaches, actively connected to their own Why, in turn connecting their clients to their own internal Why, inspiring them to action, restoring their passion and supporting big life changes. It IS a sincere privilege to coach!

Myrna King and Anita Lane are Co-Founders of the Austin Coaching Coalition. You can reach them at 800-632-0533.