Benefits For Coaches

Austin Coaching Coalition (ACC) is group of coaches from all areas of coaching that agree to align themselves and their coaching practices with a set of Positive Principles and Best Practices, as outlined in ACC.

A coalition is a pact or treaty among individuals or groups, during which they cooperate in joint action, each in their own self-interest, joining forces together for a common cause.” (Wikipedia)

Austin Coaching Coalition’s Mission:

The Austin Coaching Coalition serves the greater good through a mutually beneficial supportive community of professional coaches, each of whom effectively impacts clients, organizations and the public at large in positive ways. We seek to teach coaches “new ways to fish” and find client acquisition opportunities – (i.e. speaking engagements, workshops, speed coaching clinics, trainings, collaborative relationships, corporate clients, referral programs, etc) and how to improve their business practices for greater success and work-life balance.

Why Join the Austin Coaching Community?

Just as coaching focuses on generating the best outcome for clients, the Coalition seeks to generate and build on the best practices and success of Austin’s top coaches, and other professionals associated with the coaching field.. We seek to emulate a model of excellence in client services and outcome, and for coaches reaching their personal goals and potential. We seek not just build a roster of coaches, but to offer a community that enhances, accelerates results for and breeds excellence within an expanding Coalition community so that significantly many lives are significantly improved by it.

Community VS. Cooperation?

Supportive, friendly and welcoming, the Coalition is a community that stands for the coach’s journey, as well as the client’s journey. Offering cooperative support is a minimum expectation among Coalition coaches. We create opportunities for Coaches to gather together in person to “talk shop”, as well as online in group forums on Facebook and LinkedIn. We look at the best practices, business processes and techniques used by coaches and design workshops and training programs to share the knowledge and experience with each other. We offer conference calls, Skype and “in person” trainings, and online tools accessible to ACC members.

Seeking the highest and best good for all involved. When in doubt about a direction, our “true North” compass is guided by the “highest and best outcome” for the clients and members.
The Coalition will serve coaches, other professionals, clients and the public at large without regard to politics, orientation, individual personalities or private agendas.
Meeting coaches and ALL people “where they are” embraces a diverse community of varied backgrounds, orientation, practice focus, training and talent. Both new and veteran coaches, as well as those with and without formal certification are welcome in the Coalition. Professional services which include, but do not concentrate on coaching as part of their business model, are welcome too.

Continuous Professional Enrichment & Growth

Tools, training and coaching will be made available to Coalition members in a variety of areas. Best practices will be developed and shared. Discounts can be obtained for training, software, tools, etc.
Trust, Guidelines, and Referrals…..Professional Integrity:
So that ACC can refer clients and work projects to members of the Coalition with confidence, we trust that coalition members adhere to published guidelines and standards of professional practices. Referrals will have a specific, simple system for tracking and compensation breakdowns.

Tool Kit & Business Practice Resources:

ACC seeks to shorten the ramp up for coalition coaches whether they are launching their practice, a new product, a new revenue stream or their goal is to take their business to the next level of success. Some ways we help is by providing sample tools and resources such as bios, email signature lines, simple website resources, social media tips, liability and waiver forms, practices for streamlined coaching sessions, and efficient, practical tools for a successful coaching practice.

Founding Principles for Our Coalition Coaches and Partners

  • More success with less time and effort for both Coaches and for Clients
  • Members seek the Highest & Best Outcome for All Concerned
  • Quality Control to maintain Integrity for all
  • Provide a practical Tool Box for working Coaches
  • Provide Community for Coaches
  • Provide Online Registry for Coaches
  • Provide Work Opportunities for Coaches & Solicit New Business for the Coalition
  • Provide Free Speed Coaching for the Austin Public
  • Rent booth space at conferences & other venues
  • Provide low-cost / high-return training for Coaches
  • Best Practices
  • Coaches Meet Clients “where they are”
  • The Coalition meets Coaches “where they are”
  • Professional behavior is expected @ Speed Coaching & other events
  • Professional behavior is expected on Facebook, LinkedIn and other private forums

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