Myrna King Coaching for Business & Personal Projects

Myrna King

Myrna King Coaching for Business & Personal ProjectsBusiness and Life Coach Myrna King is a thought leader in the realms of coaching, leadership, spiritual practice, and personal development. She specializes in project-based coaching for clients who are motivated to achieve results.

Myrna actively listens to her clients and identifies the gap between where a client is today and what they ultimately want to achieve, then develops a plan to cover the distance. She helps the client determine weekly project tasks and provides accountability and analysis, as well as insight that helps to strengthen and inform clients of their internal resources. As a result they achieve success in their current project and are better prepared for future projects.

After ten years of consulting in high tech and financial services, Myrna launched A Life Aligned to help clients align with their personal mission and life purpose. A life aligned is one that is authentically and deliberately being lived according to the client’s own spiritual and personal principles. In her business coaching, she helps clients take their companies to the next level, specializing in creating project plans and breaking them down into linear steps, and is often called in to revitalize a stalled project.

In her life coaching, she helps clients meet the personal goals, like improving relationships, increasing personal wealth and abundance, and reducing stress. She teaches EFT and Kriya Yoga meditation for individuals seeking to add these self-support methods into their daily lives. This juxtaposition of the business and spiritual worlds offers unique insight into how people and processes relate to the achievement of desired results.

Myrna has been committed to community service throughout her life, working with the American Heart Association, Rebuilding Together, the Junior League, and various church organizations. She’s also a voracious reader—averaging more than 50 books per year, and she enjoys live music and new restaurants.

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